Travel Cards

Deposit Application

Red River State Bank has Visa travel cards to make traveling easier. This prepaid alternative to travelers checks can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and you can withdraw local currency from more than a million ATMs. Fees do apply.

The reloadableTravel cards are convenient and safe. If the card is lost or stolen, the remaining value can be blocked and refunded. Plus, emergency assistance is available to provide a replacement card or cash wherever you are.

Travel Cards from Red River State Bank are:

  • Easy – you can buy a travel card from a growing range of banks or travel agencies and use it around the world
  • Secure – travel cards are completely separate from your bank account, so if lost or stolen, your money is protected 

Gift Cards

Red River State Bank has Visa Gift Cards for everyone’s wish list. The Visa Gift Card is a single load card. It can be used at any merchant that accepts Visa cards. Give the gift they’ll appreciate. Fees do apply.

Access Cards

Red River State Bank has prepaid Visa Access Cards. The reloadable Visa Access Card is a convenient and secure way to make everyday purchases, make electronic bill payments, shop online, provide spending money to students and to access cash at ATMs. Avoid exposing your bank account to fraudulent transactions, or waking up to an empty account. Payroll funds can be directly deposited onto the Visa Access Card. See us for all the details. Fees do apply.